Have you been thinking about a no-smoking rule for your rentals?

If you're like other landlords, you are tired of the time and money it takes to repaint, re-carpet, and turn over apartments that have been smoked in. You know that smoking is a major fire hazard and a liability for you. Maybe your tenants have complained about tobacco smoke drifting from their neighbors' units. You've heard that other landlords have gotten rid of these hassles by adopting a no-smoking rule, and you're wondering if it will work for you, too.

Well, good news! You can adopt a no-smoking rule. Just like you might prohibit pets, you can prohibit smoking. You can have a no-smoking rule for individual units, common areas*, and even outdoors.

This website includes answers to frequently asked questions. You can read about the strong market demand for smokefree housing as well why going smokefree is legal. We will show you how going smokefree will protect your investment and give you tips on how to go smokefree.

Oregon Disclosure Law
Did you know, as of January 1st, 2010, there is a new law for landlords in Oregon?  All landlords with residential rental properties in Oregon are required to notify renters of their smoking policy in rental agreements.  Learn more. 

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* Both the Oregon Clean Indoor Air Act and Washington's Smoking in Public Places Law prohibit smoking in most indoor public places, including common areas of apartment buildings, such as hallways, laundry rooms, recreation/common rooms, lobbies, and similar types of areas.