How do I market my no-smoking properties?

“It’s not hard. You just change the ad to say ‘non-smoking.’” *

Non-smoking housing is in high demand. A no-smoking rule will make your properties stand out when tenants are seeking homes. According to our Market Survey (PDF), 3 out of 4 tenants in the Portland area would choose to live in a non-smoking building.

Wherever you list vacancies, make sure to include "no-smoking" in the amenities. Be sure to list your properties for free on, which includes a section on smoking restrictions in the property profile.


Put signs on the doors, common areas, and outdoor areas to remind current tenants of the policy and to let prospective tenants know about the policy.

*Quotes taken from the report Opinions of Experienced Metro-Area Landlords Regarding Smoking Policies and Practices, Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc. November 2006.