How will a no-smoking rule protect my property?

Your property is an important investment. Protect it! A no-smoking rule will help you save money by reducing damage to your property and helping you prevent fires.

“By being an early implementer of smoke-free policies, a property management company could earn a reputation in the market for doing a better job of recognizing and offering the amenities that tenants want, while at the same time ensuring higher retained earnings as a result of lower maintenance and related costs.”

--Campbell DeLong Resources, 2006,
"Smoke-free Rental Housing in the Portland Metropolitan Area"

“We evicted some chain smokers and it cost us $13,000 to redo everything, from the ceilings to the electrical outlets. I think even the light bulbs smelled.” *

“I've had two places burn down because of cigarettes.” *

Reduce Damage

A no-smoking rule is one of the easiest ways to reduce damage to your units and keep down your costs. If you have tenants who smoke, you know what it does to your property: yellow walls, burn marks on the counters, trashed carpets, a horrible odor, and worse. A no-smoking rule will help you spend less time and money on cleaning, repairs and painting. It will keep your units in better condition, making them more attractive to prospective tenants, or to buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Prevent Fires

“At Kennedy Restoration, one of our biggest challenges is removing smoke odor and residue from apartment homes. This is complex, costly and time consuming. Every nook and cranny is impacted. But once the home is clean and restored, keeping it smokefree leads to many benefits for the property manager and owner. We have seen more timely lease-ups, increased rents and a very satisfied client. It is definitely worth the time, investment and commitment."

Barb Casey,

Kennedy Restoration

A no-smoking rule will also protect your property from fires. The Hartford Insurance Company says more people die in fires caused by smoking than by any other type of fire. Smoking is the #1 cause of residential fires in Oregon and in Washington causing more injuries, more deaths, and more expensive property damage than most other types of fires. A no-smoking rule will reduce the risk of fires at your rental properties, and you may even be able to get an insurance discount. Ask your broker.

* Quotes taken from the report Opinions of Experienced Metro-Area Landlords Regarding Smoking Policies and Practices, Campbell DeLong Resources, Inc., November 2006.