Is secondhand smoke drifting into your apartment from a neighbor's apartment, the hallway, or outdoors?

You are not alone: 1 out of 4 renters in the Portland-Vancouver metro area say that secondhand smoke enters their apartment on a regular basis.

Many landlords do not realize that secondhand smoke is a problem in their buildings; so your first step is to let your landlord know about it! While you're at it, please tell them about the landlord side of this website where they can learn more about the many business benefits of no-smoking rules.

We are working with landlords and property managers to encourage them to adopt no-smoking rules for their buildings. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to work with your landlord to reduce secondhand smoke in your building.

This website will answer frequently asked questions, show you how to make quick fixes, how to talk to your landlord, describe your rights, and help you find non-smoking housing.

If you are a renter who is suffering from secondhand smoke in your building, please start by reading our Renter's Toolkit, which is full of valuable information. If you have a pre-existing health condition or disability that is aggravated by secondhand smoke, please contact the Fair Housing Council's Hotline at 503-223-8197 (outside Portland: 800-424-3247). The Fair Housing Council of Oregon serves Clark County, Washington as well as Oregon.

Oregon Disclosure Law
Did you know, as of January 1st, 2010, there is a new law to help renters in Oregon?  All landlords with residential rental properties in Oregon are required to notify renters of their smoking policy in rental agreements.  Learn more